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    The 7th Consultant™ is founded by Joshua Bush, an emerging millennial thought leader in the fields of design-thinking, strategic management, organizational growth and development. 


    The 7th Consultant's communicative-systems approach to organizational intervention identifies maligned behaviors and thinking at the interpersonal level, as well as, draws attention to unstated internal forces. Our work is aligned with comprehending, recognizing, acknowledging, inspiring and empowering clients to engage the full range of their potential. 

    Joshua Bush

    Joshua Bush is a rising voice in the areas of design thinking, performance management, and organizational consulting. His expertise includes extensive practice in the fields of strategic management, organizational development, business development, and corporate facilitation. 

    Prior to Vertex, he earned a position as a Government Leaders for Tomorrow Fellow at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). While at HHS, Bush led seminars on multi-generational workforce integration, leadership development, and organizational awareness. He has also served as a student consultant to Morgan State University’s Board of Regents and President. Afterward, Bush was appointed as a senior trainer who assisted with the learning and development needs of more than 1,600 stakeholders during the organizational re-alignment of the university’s service culture.

    In 2014, Bush partnered with the global law firm, DLA Piper, LLP. At Piper, he helped orchestrate a global initiative to automate the firm’s organizational communication for more than 4,200 attorneys and stakeholders. In his leisure, Bush conducts academic and personal coaching for underrepresented students to enhance participant decision-making skills and academic outcomes. He serves as a senior advisor for The Organizational Dynamics Advisory Council (ODAC) at The University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the ISPSO (International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations) and The A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems and Groups.
    Joshua received a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication with concentrations in organizational communication and interpersonal development from Morgan State University. He completed his Executive Certificate in Design-Thinking from Harvard University and his financial coursework at Georgetown University. He is currently completing a Master’s of Science in Organizational Dynamics at The University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching.